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Hitler’s Search for the Relics of Power

Updated: Feb 23

Hitler searched for these artifacts in his darkest days. He believed they were the keys to world domination.

Was Indiana Jones really a documentary? Did Hitler scour the earth for mysterious relics of power—relics that would give him an occult edge for world domination? Who is hiding them, what fantastic powers did they hold, where are they now, when will they resurface again, and most importantly … why are they secret?

The Spear of Destiny

A young Adolf Hitler stood in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna looking at the Spear of Destiny. His mind reeled. He later reportedly described the moment like this:

“I felt as though I myself had held it in my hands before in some earlier century of history—that I myself had once claimed it as my talisman of power and held the destiny of the world in my hands. Yet how could this be possible? What sort of madness was this that was invading my mind and creating such turmoil in my breast?”

The Spear of Destiny, Ravenscroft

Of all the relics the Nazis sought to find, the Spear of Destiny (also known as the Holy Lance or the Spear of Longinus) was valued above all the rest: Legend said it would secure the destiny of their rule and guarantee it for 1000 years.

Watch Relics of Power: The Spear of Destiny to learn more about Hiter’s feverish obsession with the ancient spear.

Ghent Altarpiece

The Ghent Altarpiece: a masterpiece of the Renaissance era shrouded in mystery and full of hidden symbolism, esoteric elements, and ... a treasure map? Could Jan van Eyck’s larger-than-life painting hold the secret locations of the Relics of Power?

The Arma Christi were objects associated with the Passion of Jesus Christ. Is it a coincidence that the Ghent Altarpiece, which depicted them, was an art piece the Nazis were desperate to steal? Van Eyck himself, the progenitor of the Northern Renaissance, may have had some mysterious ties and purposely included hidden elements in his famous piece.

When the Nazis finally seized the stunning painting, were the world’s most legendary objects finally within Hitler’s reach? Was there a hidden code or map in the art?

Watch Relics of Power: Ghent Altarpiece and the Hidden Map to learn how one missing panel may have stopped the Nazis from cracking the code and led to their downfall.

Crown of Thorns

Holy thorns have been passed down and traded from ruler to ruler since the Crucifixion. However, there may be more to the story of the Crown of Thorns than history has yet revealed.

This relic meant one thing to the people, another to the shadows of society, and something personal to Hitler. Since the Führer was so fixated on getting the other relics of power, why didn’t he retrieve the one already in his grasp? Is there something mysterious about this story we’re never told? Did mockery win out over humility in the crown’s symbolism?

Watch Relics of Power: Crown of Thorns to learn about Hitler’s possible fear of the object that may have been his downfall in a past life.

Ark of the Covenant

Who doesn’t like the cultural icon Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? It made $389.9 million and is one of the most popular films of all time. But truth is stranger than fiction. Though you won’t find it in most history books, Hitler and Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler embarked on a frenzied search for the Ark that was just as real as the Nazis themselves.

Watch Relics of Power: Legend of the Lost Ark to find out whether or not Hitler ever got his hands on Ark. Or, is it safely tucked away in a secure location, waiting for its prophecy to be fulfilled?

And the story doesn’t end there. What exactly is the Ark of the Covenant? It’s said to represent God’s covenant with the people. But is the Ark as simple as it seems on the surface? What about its magical powers, miracles, and prophecies—are they real or fiction? Find out on Relics of Power: Ark of the Covenant Origins.

The Holy Grail

What is the Holy Grail? Some think it’s an emerald cup, a plate, a stone, or the Earth itself. Some groups even think the Holy Grail is a talking head. But it gets much deeper than that. Many seekers of truth think the Grail isn’t just a physical object at all, but an adept's initiation process.

Has the Holy Grail survived into our modern times? How is the Knights Templar involved? Watch Relics of Power: Quest for the Holy Grail to learn the Grail’s mysterious history and how it has shaped mankind.

While there are more questions than answers about the Grail, what is clear is that the Grail was important to societies of the past and intimately tied to people’s beliefs and spirituality. And, of course, Hitler wanted it. But was he able to unravel the history of the Grail, secret societies, and the knights that have protected it throughout history? Or do the Grail's mysteries remain, waiting to be unlocked? Find out in Edge of Wonder’s Relics of Power: Secrets of the Grail only on Rise TV.

The Ring of Power

You may have never heard of King Solomon’s Ring of Power, but our world is steeped in its symbolism. It’s said that Solomon used the ring to control demons. The demons were even said to have helped build his famous temple, the First Temple of Jerusalem. The wise king worked hard to follow the laws of God and abide in righteousness. But did that all change when he made a sacrifice to the evil god, Moloch, in order to be with a beautiful woman?

Solomon supposedly felt his great wisdom leave him and continued to descend into wickedness. He eventually saw the light and wrote the Testament of Solomon to help others learn from his mistakes. But while this legend was a warning to some, it was also a roadmap to evil for others. Watch The Ring of Power to learn how the ring may have influenced our entire world.

Hitler’s Secrets

Want to learn even more about Hitler's search for occult objects? Watch Hitler’s Hunt for Relics of Power, Part One and Hitler's Hunt for Relics of Power, Part 2, where we uncover the truth about Hitler’s secret societies and his obsession with occult knowledge.


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